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Ryan Palmer

Director | Writer | Cinematographer

Ryan graduated from California State University Northridge where he majored in Film Production with an emphasis in Cinematography. Having always had a passion for all art, Ryan has found film to be the ultimate way for creative minds with varying talents to be able to come together to make one collaborative piece that can include many different modes and styles. Although his main passion is writing and directing, he also loves to draw, edit and design.

Ryan Directs and Writes most of Hoovaloo's productions.

Executive Producer | Actress

Annalea Fiachi

Annalea is an Actress, Writer, and Producer who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Film and Television Studies.  Annalea has had the pleasure of traveling all over the world, working both on and off the screen.  Her work spans across everything from Feature Films, an NBC Sitcom, Reality Television, Short Films that toured and won Festivals, Webseries, Commercials, and Documentaries.  At the age of 18, Annalea, with her business partner, Ryan, created Hoovaloo Films; which has been very successful due to their hard work and talented crew.  Aside from her love of film, she is trained in many forms of dance, plays the piano, sings, loves to read, and does kickboxing. 

Cody Knapp

Sound Recordist/ Mixing & Mastering

Cody has studied music synthesis and recording technology as well as the physics of sound at California State University, Northridge, where he currently attends. He enjoys capturing and creating sounds for listening pleasure, and is proud to be Hoovaloo's resident/head sound technician. So proud that he could fly Old Glory, herself, from his boom pole, if only it did not block the shot.

Alex Karukas

Music Composer | Actor

Alex is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University, where he studied how to pretend. He currently uses those indispensable skills to guilt people into helping refugees get clean water as a fundraiser for Oxfam America. When he’s not busy being a hero and saving lives, Alex likes to play the piano and make up songs. He has written several musicals, each one sillier than the last.

For Hoovaloo, Alex writes and performs in sketches. He also writes and produces all Hoovaloo original music.