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Hoovaloo Films helped local business owner Dr. Dianne Lalena Sandberg reach a larger audience so that she may grow her business. 

We helped her design a commercial that showed off her state-of-the-art equipment and treatment office, and a video that helped to offer new customers an idea of "what to expect" upon their first visit.

We worked with a non-profit organization that focuses on 'Kids Helping Kids.'

They're goal is simple: A non-profit run by kids, for kids. Hoovaloo helped to get their message out there.

Promotional Video

A Promo Video for a Childrens Book Titled

"Little Twig of Thorns."


Hoovaloo Helped the author in creating a short skit that we thought helped capture the essence and themes of the book.

Music Video

A Music Video for "Elegant Nights" by Gregg Karukas.

From His CD "Soul Secrets."


Elegant Nights went on to hit #1 on USA Today, Smooth Jazz Top 20, and's indie airplay charts.

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